• Disabling Relations & Vulnerable Witnessing. A book manuscript based on my dissertation and postdoctoral research, under review for publication
  • Kazemi Sona and Sarikaya Berivan (In Progress) Disabling Walls: Madness, Melancholy, and Struggle in the Iranian and Turkish Prisons

Book Chapters

  • Kazemi, Sona (Forthcoming, 2019). “Mobilizing White Affects, Past-to-Present Ideology of Harm, and Suspended Grief: Injured by Borders, Walls, and Wars”. In Suchland, Jennifer (Eds.), Naming (In)Justice: Rights and Resistance Across Queer Migrations and Trafficking (Pp. TBD).


Edited Volumes/Books

  • (In Progress) Co-editing Disabling States with Louise Tam (forthcoming, 2020)

 Peer-Reviewed (PR) Publications


  • Kazemi, Sona (in press) “Disabling Power of Capitalism, Nationalism, and Imperialism: Looking at War Injury through Dialectical and Historical Materialism, Disability Studies Lens, and Geopolitics” at Disability Studies Quarterly


  • Kazemi, Sona (2019) “Whose Disability (Studies)? Defetishizing Disablement of the Iranian Survivors of the Iran-Iraq War by (Re)Telling their Resilient Narratives of Survival” in Special Issue of the Canadian Journal of Disability Studieswith the topic,Survivals, Ruptures, Resiliences”


  • Kazemi, Sona and Sarikaya, Berivan (2018) “Politicizing Disability-Production Mechanisms: Applying the Transnational Disability Model to a Case of Incarceration, Torture, and Hunger Strike/Death Fast of a Kurdish Political Prisoner in Turkey” in Zanj: The Journal of Critical Global South Studies Volume 2, No. 1, “Kurdish Culture, Identity, and Geopolitics: Toward Decolonization


  • Kazemi, Sonaand Sarikaya, Berivan (under review) “Kurdish and Iranian Women’s Experiences with State Violence, Nationalism, Patriarchy, and Disabling Incarceration: A Reflexive/Relational Analysis and A Revolutionary Decarceration Pedagogy” at theJournal of State Crime


  • Kazemi, Sona (under review) “Silent Global and Oppressive Local: Fetishization of the Disabled War Veterans in Iran through the ideological construction of “Living Martyrs” at Somatechnics Journal


  • Kazemi, Sona (under review) “Beyond Annihilation and/or Survival: Consolidation of State Terror by Silencing” at the special issue of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal


Published Book Reviews

  • Kazemi, Sona (2019) “A Review of The Other Mrs. Smith” a novel written by Bonnie Burstow published by Inanna Publications and Education Inc. 2017. 978-1-77133-421-1 (in press) for Canadian Journal of Disability Studies


  • Kazemi, Sona(2015) “A Review of Marxsim and Feminism” edited by Shahrzad Mojab published by Zed book (2015) published at the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies:



Published Conference Proceedings

Working Papers

  • Kazemi, Sona (working paper) “Disablement in the Iranian and Kurdish Women War Survivors”
  • Kazemi, Sona (working paper) “Teaching Revolutionary Peace Praxis through Disability Studies Standpoint”
  • Kzemi, Sona (working paper) “Kulbarsand the politics of border crossing in Iranian Kurdistan: political economy of disablement”